Perp Taker Rewards

After the third successful Taker Incentive Program, we are excited to announce that we will be extending the program for another 2 weeks (with a small twist). In round two, we saw over $55m in trading volume across options and perps, with the top trader trading over $10m in notional volume.

The exchange exceeded the $40m cumulative volume mark, unlocking the USD 10,000 bonus payout! All rewards have been credited directly into your Aevo accounts.

Round Four: Perp Taker Rewards

The next round of this program will run from 5pm SGT July 25th 2023 till 5pm SGT August 8th, 2023, and only perpetual contract trades placed during this period will qualify. Only traders who trade at least $20k of volume over this period will qualify. Additionally, traders stand to unlock a bonus payout if the exchange collectively reaches a notional volume target. Since Aevo has been aggressively adding new alt perps, and will continue to do so in the coming weeks, we have decided to set the bonus payout target to 40m in cumulative perp volume for round four.

As always, we will be monitoring trading activity, and will not hesitate to exclude accounts that are abusing the taker reward program by generating fake volume on the exchange.

Top Takers

Over the two week period, we will reward the top 5 traders with the highest taker volumes on Aevo with the following payouts:

#1: 2000 USDC

#2: 1000 USDC

#3: 1000 USDC

#4: 500 USDC

#5: 500 USDC

Bonus Payouts

The following bonus payout will be paid out pro rata to traders if the following targets are achieved within the two weeks:

  • 10k USDC paid out if 40m in cumulative perp volume is reached

To check your ranking, go to the Rewards page. Start trading on Aevo to qualify!

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