Launching Aevo

Today, we are very excited to announce that Aevo is officially live on mainnet. We are finally opening our doors to traders to trade with mainnet USDC and real settlement. To start, users will be able to trade ETH options across the options chain — we will support daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly settled options.

Aevo Exchange comes with high-performance orderbooks, matching engine, and risk engine — processing thousands of events per second. The exchange also supports both standard margin and portfolio margin to allow our power users flexibility with their trading strategies.

Aevo Chain

Aevo Exchange is built on Aevo Chain, an optimistic roll-up to Ethereum that runs on the OP Stack. The current Aevo Chain will be the canonical chain for Aevo Exchange going forward, and all transactions will settle on this chain. The block explorer for Aevo Chain can be found here.

Users will be able to bridge funds into Aevo Chain directly from the Exchange user interface. Under the hood, this uses the Optimism Standard Bridge, which is heavily battle tested. After approximately 1 minute, the transaction should confirm and funds will get credited into the user’s Aevo account. Currently, Aevo currently only supports bridging USDC.

Gated Access

While the exchange is in its infancy, we are going to slowly drip out invites to users via the Aevo $PASS, an NFT that grants holders access to trade on the platform. If your wallet has received multiple passes, feel free to send the extra passes to your friends of colleagues — we will be monitoring the quality of these “referrals” and potentially granting some rewards to the highest-volume referees.

We have dropped 1,000 $PASS to various wallets that are existing Ribbon users, participated in Aevo’s beta program, or are Ribbon VIPs. Check your wallets 🙂


Going forward, the next few major milestones on our roadmap is launching BTC Options, more Market Maker integrations, and launching a stealth project around altcoin options trading . Once the Aevo Exchange and Aevo Chain are in a more mature state with millions of TVL and volume, we will fully open up the exchange to the world without guardrails.

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