Open Mainnet

Today we’re launching Aevo Open Mainnet – the first release to the general public! This means that users will be able to access Aevo Exchange without an NFT $PASS 🥳

Since releasing the gated mainnet approximately ~2 months ago we saw over $70M in trading volume and a high of ~$5M in daily open interest. We limited access to Aevo during the gated period while rigorously testing the platform in prod (e.g liquidations and bugs). In that time, we launched both ETH options and perps, as well as a new product, Aevo OTC.

In addition to our public launch, we’re excited to announce that we’re launching Bitcoin trading. Both BTC options and perps are live starting today! Users will be able to trade BTC options ranging from daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly expiries, as well as BTC perpetual futures.

We look forward to welcoming more traders onto Aevo!

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