Merging Ribbon Into Aevo

July 25 marked the conclusion of the Governance vote that approved RGP-33, a proposal by which the Ribbon DAO approved the merger of Ribbon into Aevo. The vote was almost unanimous, a clear signal that the holders and the Team are well aligned in the vision of Aevo.

In the days following the vote, we turned all the key points of the proposal into an action plan:

  • By August 25, we will complete the rebranding of all private and public Ribbon Finance communication channels to Aevo.

  • On August 25, we will wind-down the entire Tokenomics system (Ribbonomics) linked to $RBN - we will bring staking rewards and revenues to zero, and it will be possible to unlock veRBN without penalty, pending the next 1:1 swap with $AEVO.

  • Throughout September, we will ship a new unified landing page that reflects both Aevo + Ribbon under one umbrella, as well as merge the products

  • After that is complete, users will then be able to swap $RBN into $AEVO at 1:1 (there will be no deadline or limitations to make the swap).

There are two important aspects stemming from RGP-33 on which the whole Community will be asked to contribute in the coming weeks: the new Governance system and the new Tokenomics.

In the coming weeks, we will begin discussing the new Governance system. As a Team, we will put forward the discussion of the ideas and proposals that have emerged over the months both internally and from the community’s input. Aevo, by its nature more complex than Ribbon, will need a more structured and codified system with clear rules and use cases.

Once this important step is completed, we will use the same method to study the new Tokenomics. Over the past months, we have collected many ideas on this issue and our goals are clear: to make $AEVO meet the expectations of holders and contribute to the growth of the platform.

On Monday, August 14 at 9pm SGT, we will have an AMA with our community on the rebrand. Send us your questions on Twitter and Discord and set a reminder to participate in the event. There might be some alpha...

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