Aevo Farming Program & TGE

Today, we are releasing more details about $AEVO, including the highly anticipated Aevo Airdrop. We will be airdropping $AEVO to early adopters of Aevo Exchange, and will be launching our first Farming Program over the coming weeks.

So far, volume on Aevo has not been incentivized, other than referral rewards and occasional trading campaigns. We also believe that many users are experiencing “points fatigue” from the various protocols running points programs – so we have decided not to do a points program. Instead, Aevo’s Farming Program will be centered around farming $AEVO ahead of the airdrop.

AEVO Farming Program

The main criteria for the Farming Program will be centered around volumes, fees, and loyalty on the platform. Loyalty will be measured based on recurring usage of Aevo. There will also be an additional “Farming Boost” factor, which is a multiplier on the rewards that you will accrue – this is also affected by the criteria mentioned previously.

We will be launching the Farming Program in the next few days, and users can start increasing their Farming Boost by trading on the platform. This will give users another chance at increasing their Airdrop allocation.

To be clear, all users of Aevo up to this point who have done volume will be eligible for $AEVO. This program is a chance for them to amplify their rewards.

AEVO Airdrop

Once the Farming Program ends, every user on Aevo Exchange will be entitled to claim the amount of $AEVO tokens earned during this period, as well as what they have earned previously. The DAO will also seed initial liquidity for the $AEVO token.

Currently, the team is actively working to launch the Farming Program as well as perform audits for the $AEVO token contract as well as the $RBN -> $AEVO conversion smart contract. Due to the delay in original deadlines, we will be shortening the conversion window for the $RBN -> $AEVO conversion contract (pending Governance proposal).

What to expect over the next few weeks

  1. The official $AEVO token contract has been deployed here, but liquidity will not be seeded until everything is ready.

  2. Farming Program will launch in the next few days

  3. Users can initially increase their Farming Boost through more trading on Aevo

  4. Users will start earning $AEVO rewards at the new Farming Boost rate

  5. DAO will initialize liquidity for $AEVO

  6. Rollout of $AEVO staking program

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