AEVO Airdrop

The time has finally come! We’re excited to share that we will be conducting the $AEVO airdrop today (13 March 2024).

And if you've never used Aevo before, read on, there's a surprise for you too…


A total of 30M $AEVO was allocated to AEVO users.


We took into account:

  1. Volume traded before farm boost (aka “Retro Drop”)

  2. Boosted Volume traded during farm boost, and the extension

  3. aeUSD balance

  4. First trade made on Aevo

  5. Active usage of Aevo

We tried our best to create a balanced approached to reward OG users, collateral experimentoors, and genuine trading activity.

Therefore, we penalized:

  • accounts who abused deep OTM options;

  • wash traders (accounts who opened and closed positions within short period of time);


Unclaimed airdrops will be clawed back after 6 months.

Non-Aevo Traders

Non-Aevo traders were airdropped farm boosts (not tokens) based on their wallet’s overall trading activity on other derivative DEXs outside of Aevo.

These users may claim their farm boost, and start trading on Aevo in order to earn 2x-4x more $AEVO on all trades. This is part of Aevo’s new farming program.

Check whether you are eligible and start trading!

veRBN Max Lockers

We haven't forgotten about you, don't worry! There will be an ad-hoc activity for real RBN enjoyooors in the coming weeks.. stay tuned!

Coming Soon…

We will be rolling out the new trading incentives campaign to get more $AEVO through staking and trading.

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